Venturing and Sea Scouting Award Nominations

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Our Council Venturing Committee is also accepting applications for various Venturing Awards! These include the Council Venturing Leadership Award, the Outstanding Crew/Ship Award, The Outstanding Crew/Ship Service Project Award, the Outstanding Crew President/Ship Boatswain Award, and the Outstanding Crew/Ship Member Award. Descriptions: Council Venturing Leadership Award: The highest youth recognition that the Council Venturing Committee can bestow, the Council VLA is awarded to Venturers and Sea Scouts that have given exemplary service to the Venturing and Sea Scouting Programs within Simon Kenton Council at the Council level. Outstanding Crew/Ship Award: Awarded to a crew/ship that exemplifies the Venturing/Sea Scouting Program. Outstanding Crew/Ship Service Award: Awarded to a Venturing Crew or Sea Scout Ship that has completed exemplary service on the last year. Outstanding Crew President/Ship Boatswain Award: Awarded to an Exceptional Crew President/Ship Boatswain for exemplary work done during their term as unit leader. Outstanding Crew/Ship Member Award: Awarded to an Exceptional Crew/Ship member for an outstanding actions  in a Crew or Ship throughout the last year. The award nomination forms are due by May 15 to, and please feel free to email the previous email address with any questions about the awards!